Teaching Experience

My mission is to provide high quality lessons which cover a broad range of knowledge and skills including:

  • music theory

  • aural training

  • scales and technical skills

  • good posture

  • tone

  • breathing (where applicable)

  • articulation

  • sight reading

  • improvisation

  • composition

All of which helps to promote all-round-musicianship as well as making lessons more varied and engaging.

I have over 10 years' experience as a private instrumental teacher.  I started off teaching just a few pupils in the evenings alongside my office job.  I quickly acquired enough pupils to be able to quit that office job and gradually grew my teaching practice up to 35 pupils.  Since then Marie-Claire has moved from Edinburgh to Sheffield but was not able to convince all her pupils to move with her!  She is now excited to be building up a new teaching practice in her home city.  

07366 861 304

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